Cassandra Bertelson
Cassandra Bertelson


Anchor Emotional Abuse Support

Anchor is an app that helps victims of verbal abuse cope while going through it in an effort to prevent further mental health damage later on in life. For people suffering through verbal abuse, this app can serve as their only life line by building confidence, promoting relaxation, and offering safety and security. No one wants to feel alone when going through such a traumatic experience like this. The app provides safety while being connected to a smart wristband that has a panic button. This panic button allows the user to press anytime they are being verbally abused to have the abuse recorded and sent to their five anchor contacts in the app. Anchor also allows the Anchor contacts to record one minute affirmation videos that the user can watch anytime they need encouragement.

Other features of the app include stress tracking from within the wristband. It continuously keeps track of body temperature, muscle tension, and heart rate to give the user a physical log of how verbal abuse affects their health both physically and mentally. Also included are meditations and games for relaxation, a section to set goals in order to build confidence and self esteem, and a resource section to read up on verbal abuse and its signs and effects. No other app provides the services that Anchor provides so I truly feel that this app could help keep people safe while preventing further health damage. I made the app to appeal to anyone who is being verbal abused not just women.

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